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About Me

Hello, my name is Hagen Cooper and I am a Sophomore at BOHS. I am taking Honors Algebra/Trigonometry 2 and I do water polo and swim for my sports. This year we are learning about mainly html and also java script. My favorite part about this year is the language because I feel like I understand it better than last years Visual studio. The main thing I love about Gita is that we have the opportunity to create whatever you want and put your personal touch on everything. Some of my goals are to work at a place like Google or Samsung or places like that. Also, to get an internship in my freshman or sophomore year of college. I also am starting to make websites for family owned companies for experience.

In my free time I love going to the beach and playing video games. I love computers and thing they are really interesting. I also love to mountain bike which is what I do most of the time when I am bored and have nothing to do. I think GITA is really the starting point in my coding adventure throught my life.

Contact Me

Feel free to ask me any questions and anything you need.

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School Adress/Phone Number:
789 Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821; Phone: (714) 990-7850; Fax: (714) 990-7547

My Projects


This website talks about misleading information about COVID 19 and how it has our affect on us.
Tech Page

This project is about Ceramic Speed which is a company that is making bikes with no chain.
Business Card

This project is a business card that I made and the QR code forwards you to my website.

This is just a simple collage using div tags and positioning.

In this project, we use radio boxes and check boxed with Java script to create a website that sells GITA merchandise.

This project we made a website that shows direction for a recipe and has a printing page.
Dice Game

This project is just a simple dice game where you can roll the dice and see how many times you rolled that number and the probability of it rolling again.
Craps Dice Game

This project is a Vegas Dice Game that uses sums and probabilities to see you outcome.
Circle Bounce

This project contains to circle on a canvas that bounce around. Once they come in contact with each other, they stick together and move as one circle.
Invader Climb

In this project, we move an object on a canvas upwars, left and right, and if it gets to the top, it wins, if it touches the sides, it loses.

This game is exactly what you think, it is pong! Try it out!

This project is a submarine that you can move around my holding arrow keys. The enemy sub follows you and you have to press space to shoot bullets at it. You have health and points.
Circle Bounce V2

This project we learn about arrays and create an array of 5 circles. Each have a different speed, color, velocity, and size. Also, a square moves around and if it touches them, they disapear.
Tank V2

This is a game where ai's chase you and you can hit them with your bullet. You use space to fire and wasd to move. If you touch them you health is drained but if you hit them then you get points.
Cyber Safety Website

This is a website template that I got from TEMPLATED and I talk about Cyber Safety that covers Wifi Security and Identity Theft.

This game has a helicopter that is constantly getting pulled down by gravity. You use w, a, and d to move up and left and right. Birds fly across the canvas and if you hit them they dissapear off canvas and you loose a life. Points are counted by how long you survive. You have 10 lives.
Number Array

This project generates a array of 100 numbers that vary from 1 to 10,000. It know the highest, lowest, and average and it orders them from lowest to highest. It also removes all odd numbers.

This is my final game.
Personal Projects

Trig Identities Dice Game

This is a simple dice game I made for math extra credit and how it works is each sum of the dic has a different questions and you input the answer to win.